A Historical Landmark with Panoramic Views

Solomon’s Temple, also known as Grin Low Tower, is a historic landmark in Buxton, Derbyshire. Built in 1896, this extraordinary folly was constructed to commemorate the reign of Queen Victoria and honour the memory of Solomon Mycock, a local quarryman. The tower’s construction was financed by public subscription, and it stands as a testament to the community’s pride and appreciation for their heritage.

Solomon’s Temple is a striking octagonal tower atop Grin Low Hill. Standing 1440 feet above sea level, it offers commanding views of the surrounding Peak District countryside. The tower’s architecture draws inspiration from the Gothic Revival style, featuring intricate stone carvings, pointed arches, and decorative finials. It is an architectural gem and a panoramic lookout point, providing visitors with breathtaking vistas of the rolling hills and picturesque landscapes.

It is nestled within the Grin Low Country Park, near Buxton. The park is in the Peak District National Park, renowned for its natural beauty and diverse wildlife. The tower’s elevated position makes it a prominent landscape feature, visible from various points in the surrounding area.

As a historic landmark, Solomon’s Temple does not have specific facilities. However, nearby Grin Low Country Park amenities include picnic areas, walking trails, and ample green spaces for relaxation and leisure. Visitors are encouraged to bring their own food, refreshments, and picnic blankets or chairs for a comfortable outing.

The Temple is accessible via a footpath that winds up Grin Low Hill. While the path is not wheelchair accessible and includes some steep sections, many moderate-mobility visitors can easily reach the tower. It is advisable to wear appropriate footwear and take caution, particularly in adverse weather conditions.

The tower is an ideal vantage point for photography, capturing stunning panoramic shots of the surrounding landscapes. The Grin Low Country Park provides additional activities like walking, hiking, and wildlife spotting, allowing visitors to explore scenic trails and appreciate the diverse flora and fauna.

Visitors can enjoy the tower and its views at their convenience, considering that the park’s accessibility may vary depending on weather conditions and daylight hours.

Solomon’s Temple is a cherished historical landmark, offering visitors a glimpse into the past and rewarding them with breathtaking views of the surrounding countryside. With its rich history, architectural splendour, and accessibility to the natural wonders of the Peak District, it continues to captivate and inspire visitors from near and far.

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